Benjamin Kheng performs 2024 NDP theme song, 'Not Alone': "a love letter to my home" — watch

Benjamin Kheng performs 2024 NDP theme song, 'Not Alone': "a love letter to my home" — watch

The 2024 National Day Parade (NDP) song has been unveiled, marking the approach of Singapore’s 59th birthday with the new theme song titled, ‘Not Alone’.

Performed by Benjamin Kheng, ‘Not Alone’ honours past NDP songs by integrating familiar lyrics from beloved tunes such as ‘Reach Out For The Skies’ and ‘Where I Belong’. The song was written and produced by both Benjamin Kheng and producer Evan Low, who also took part in composing NDP’s 2021 theme song, ‘The Road Ahead’

@benjaminkheng a love letter to my home ❤️ #NDP #ndp2024 #singapore #notalone #tunesofSG #musicofSEA @NDPeeps @Evanturetime ♬ original sound - Benjamin Kheng

The song, which Benjamin Kheng dubs as his love letter to Singapore, takes a personal approach by utilising a first-person perspective and adding melancholic lyrics to reflect the hardships Singaporeans have faced throughout history while promoting unity. Its second half transitions into an uplifting anthem, aiming to create a sense of belonging amongst Singaporeans by rising above differences and fostering a familial bond.

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Helmed by Koo Chia Meng, Brian Gothong Tan, and Davier Yoon, the music video showcases Benjamin Kheng supported by the Music and Drama Company (MDC) ensemble. The music video highlights both past and present memories of Singapore, with strips of multi-coloured fabric serving as a metaphor for Singapore’s diversity and heritage. 


The music video spotlights strong bonds among Singaporeans by showcasing scenes of them working, playing, learning and even living together.

This year’s NPD is set to be held at the Padang on 9 August 2024. Singaporeans can now ballot for their tickets to the parade, where the NDP theme song will premiere live.