Olivia Ong returns with hopeful new single, '光影' — listen

Olivia Ong returns with hopeful new single, '光影' — listen

The wait for new music from Olivia Ong is finally over.

On Wednesday (27 September), the Singaporean vocalist unveiled a new Mandarin single, '光影', which means "light and shadow" in English. A gentle ballad with a "unique melodic style", the track is a departure from Ong's earlier Mandarin releases. 

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In the number's lyrics, the 37-year-old encourages her listeners to hold on to hope even as they go through trying periods in life. 

“The song is about being at the crossroads of life, caught between ‘light’ and ‘shadow’, but you choose hope, a powerful human emotion to nudge you on and pursue the deepest longing in your heart despite not knowing what the future holds," she explained in a press release.

The launch of Ong's new single, whose English title is 'Azure', comes eight years after her last release, '梦想起飞'. A preview of her forthcoming EP, '光影' marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Ong.

With new music under her belt, Ong is now gearing up for her sold-out concert at the Capitol Theatre on 30 September

When asked what she has in store for guests at the event, Ong told Hear65: "Concert-goers will be the first to hear the live version of my new single. And I will be singing Mandarin songs that my friends have never heard me sing before. There are going to be a few surprises, but I don't want to give away too much. Fans can be assured that they are in for a musical treat."

Stream '光影' here: