Subsonic Eye perform 'Fruitcake', 'Cabin Fever', 'Yearning', and more on Audiotree Live — watch

Subsonic Eye perform 'Fruitcake', 'Cabin Fever', 'Yearning', and more on Audiotree Live — watch

Fans of Subsonic Eye can now catch the band's full live performance on Audiotree Live.

Uploaded to Audiotree's YouTube channel on 21 February, the latest installment of the American music discovery platform's artist showcase series features live versions of the Singaporean indie rockers' 'Performative', 'Circles''Cabin Fever', 'J-O-B', 'Yearning', and 'Fruitcake'.

The 38-minute session, which also features interview segments hosted by FINGY, was filmed at Audiotree's studio in Chicago last October, when the quintet were in the city as part of their 2023 US Tour.

When asked about the band's latest album All Around You, which was launched via Topshelf Records in September 2023, guitarist Daniel Castro Borces shared: "It's our fourth one, and with every new one we put out, we'll be like, 'This is pretty bad. How can the next one be less bad?'"

"It came to a point where we kind of shifted our sound from the kind of songs we were writing six years ago with the first two records. We're always trying to see what was bad about the previous one and how we can not do that for the next one. I think that's the general mindset," he continued.

A live EP, titled Subsonic Eye on Audiotree Live, has also been released on Spotify to accompany the episode. Stream it here.