Snakeweed Studios opens new music rehearsal space, Tumbleweed Studios, at the Esplanade

Snakeweed Studios opens new music rehearsal space, Tumbleweed Studios, at the Esplanade

Tumbleweed Studios, a new independent rehearsal space, has opened its doors at the Esplanade.

Unveiled by Snakeweed Studios on 29 April, the facility was designed to enhance the rehearsal experience for professional musicians and music enthusiasts while paying homage to the local recording company's "rich heritage".

The 2000-square-foot Tumbleweed Studios houses four acoustically treated rooms of various sizes, which can accommodate small group rehearsals as well as those with big ensembles.

During their visits to the facility, musicians can expect to choose from musical instruments and equipment from renowned brands such as Pearl, Zildjian, Aguilar, Ampeg, Marshall, Fender, and Roland.

Snakeweed Studios' Founder, Leonard Soosay, called Tumbleweed Studios a "game changer" for both Snakeweed Studio as well as the local music industry. He also expressed his excitement about seeing all kinds of musicians coming together to make music at the space and said he hopes that the rehearsal facility will become a "vibrant home" for Singaporean music.

"The rehearsal studio is typically a musician's first point of entry into the world of music. There is no doubt that the environment and community directly affects a creative’s output. It is our hope and belief that Tumbleweed Studios will be able to bring more Singaporeans to music, positively contribute to the growth and development of our output and create a more robust and diverse infrastructure for the Singaporean music landscape for years to come," shared Josh Wei, Snakeweed Studios' Managing Partner.

Tumbleweed Studios is located at 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall, #02-19, Singapore 039802. Booking prices start at $25 per hour.

For more information, visit Tumbleweed Studios' official website.