TFA Lalita Kala Company to hold Carnatic music concert 'Paamaalai' this April

TFA Lalita Kala Company to hold Carnatic music concert 'Paamaalai' this April

This April, commemorate Tamil Language Month with exciting Carnatic music performances from the TFA Lalita Kala Company. 

The performing wing of the Temple of Fine Arts will be presenting Paamaalai — a Carnatic music ensemble production four years in the making that has been branded as "a celebration of Tamil composers and compositions".

The production is set to be an immersive exploration of the history of Carnatic music and the Tamil language. Riveting works of well-known Tamil composers and poets will be brought together to showcase the culture's rich literature and arts.

Paamaalai is slated to be held at the Drama Centre Theatre on 30 April at 6:30 PM

Trivandrum D. Rajagopal, Senior Mridangam Faculty, Temple of Fine Arts shared: “We want to showcase how this deep love and respect for Tamil has lived with composers who walked this earth centuries ago, and how it emerged as outpourings through their lyrics and compositions. Tamil music and culture has been here since the 5th century, and the fact that it continues to live and breathe with us through the Arts in this generation is something to be celebrated and cherished."

He added: "Through productions like Paamaalai, we hope that it will continue to be passed on through the decades, for generations to come.”

Invitations to the event can be requested here on a donate-for-a-ticket basis to support the arts.