Hear65 Music Reviews: Joanna Dong, Genesis Keefer, Ray Martin, and more

Hear65 Music Reviews: Joanna Dong, Genesis Keefer, Ray Martin, and more

Since the beginning, we’ve been reviewing music on Hear65 every week, and now we'd like to break away from this tradition and pass the baton over to you - the listeners of Singapore’s music. If you've ever been itching to share your thoughts about a new track release, or simply want to introduce good earworms to more listeners, then read on. 

For the uninitiated, the Hear65 website has a Review Function to help visitors discover and gain greater insight into the music in Singapore. Good music should always be shared, and we are inviting contributions from friends and fans of our homegrown artists.

Every two weeks, the Hear65 team will select a few reviews to publish in a Review Round Up article. Just check out the latest releases and submit your review for a chance to be featured. 

Here’s what readers have to say this week:

等睡醒以后 - Joanna Dong

Alyssa Woon, 100/100: When I first heard the song, it felt so dreamlike! I loved it so much! The lyrics are so heartfelt and the music video really brings out the whole essence of the track's vibe and aesthetic! It's really different from her usual upbeat songs, but I personally love this new style and I'm sure all listeners would love it as much as I did!

夏天的歌曲 - 陳昱璇, Lin Si Tong, 楊敏

Elvin Tian, 100/100: This song came out at a perfect time, during a sunny day! It brings joy and happiness especially during the COVID-19 period and the recent heightened alert restrictions in Singapore. 

Sometimes you just need a short yet powerful song to bring some joy and thanks to the 3 lovely and beautiful girls; this catchy song brings it out! Hope there will be more songs from either individual or all the 3 of them as a group. Looking forward to more good music by local talents!

5AM STATE OF MIND - Mark Bonafide, CHERIE SLAYN, Don Aaron

TLC, 100/100: Poetic and unpretentious. As always, his music draws you in without even trying. LOVE. THIS.

無始無終 - The Coincidence Maker (T.C.M)

Dominic Wong, 100/100: The music arrangement and melody are great. With meaningful lyrics written, this song leaves listeners with a great impression.

내 사랑아 (Oh, My Love) - mersie

mari, 100/100: How can a voice be so powerful and tender at the same time? As a fan of her previous releases, it came as a pleasant surprise to see mersie taking on music in a different language. Despite not understanding the lyrics this time, the emotions are clearly conveyed through mersie's passionate voice. Music truly is a universal language. 

Selekeh - Ray Martin

Lester, 100/100: Wow this song was really a step up for Ray Martin. Really enjoyed the way the beat switched at the second half of his song! It really added a fresh element to the song. Really see the potential in an artist like Ray Martin and he will definitely be the future of Singaporean music. Hope to hear more from him! 👍🏻

Miss U Not - Myra Choo, Natalia Touche, Sandrina Sitohang

Vince, 95/100: Miss U Not takes everything you love about a staple R&B song, and adds just enough spice to make it stand out. From the distinctive intro all the way to its bold ending, the song is imbued with the style that I've come to know and love from Myra's work. 

Myra has clearly honed her technique in arranging the violin in pop/R&B tracks. The violin blends masterfully with the rest of the instruments and synths! That is saying nothing yet of the beautifully composed interlude section that alludes to her classical background, adding yet another refreshing layer of flavour.

Little Red Dot - Alien Anomaly


Kevin, 100/100: Love this track from Alien Anomaly! It's rocking from start to finish and I especially loved the connection to Singapore. Let’s make this the alternative anthem for Singapore! 

Dust to Ashes - Genesis Keefer

Nathiyaah Sakthimogan, 100/100: One of the few cool things that happened in 2020 was me discovering Genesis Keefer's music. It's hard to not like music that makes you feel at peace and Dust to Ashes certainly doesn't disappoint when it comes to that. Such a vibe, such a mood. Keep killing it, man! 

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