jaye drops new crypto slang single 'WAGMI'

jaye drops new crypto slang single 'WAGMI'

Singaporean artist Jaye Foo has released his brand new track, ‘WAGMI’ on the 28th of January via his record label Parlour Records.

Foo is marking his venture as an NFT artist with this single; the track’s title, ‘WAGMI’ is an acronym for “We’re All Gonna Make It”, a phrase that is commonly used in the cryptocurrency community. “My hope for the crypto space in the future is to empower more creators, create more income possibilities, and for the world to connect,” shared Foo in a press release statement.

Last year, he collaborated with Bulgarian artist Mihov for Singapore’s first cross-border NFT art exhibition, which took place from the 25th of November till the 9th of December, with one of their pieces securing over 3 Ethereum sales, which is valued at approximately USD$15,000.

Prior to ‘WAGMI’, he released a two-track EP how much is your life worth?, and two singles in ‘ADHD’ as well as ‘DEJAVU’ in 2020.

Listen to ‘WAGMI’ here, and leave your review on Hear65.