Joanna Dong to release new EP '天天月月年年 DDMMYY' this April

Joanna Dong to release new EP '天天月月年年 DDMMYY' this April

Joanna Dong is returning with new music.

The homegrown singer will be releasing her third EP on digital platforms this Friday, 7 April. Titled 天天月月年年 DDMMYY, the five-track record written in Mandarin and English is said to be a sentimentally-charged collection of songs that transcends ordinary themes of love.

Featuring music arrangement from fellow local artist Chok Kerong and a song written in collaboration with Charlie Lim, the album will also include Joanna's own spin on Aaron Kwok’s '对你爱不完 (Endless Love for You)'.

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On her forthcoming EP, Joanna shared: “Humanity will always be singing songs about love, and even though I had not set out for this album to be so melancholic, perhaps because the pandemic led us to question life as we knew it, I subconsciously gravitated to songs that also question love as we knew it."

She added: "Each song is a conversation about love at its peripheries, and I hope they will resonate with listeners and offer a renewed perspective on this universal emotion.”

Joanna is currently performing in The Soldier & His Virtuous Wife 都是当兵惹的祸, which is a theatre production inspired by the Yuan opera Qiu Hu Flirts With His Wife. Tickets are priced from $51 to $85 and are available for purchase here.