your friend dan redefines electronic music in debut album 'otw' — listen

your friend dan redefines electronic music in debut album 'otw' — listen

New music from your friend dan is here!

On 15 March, Daniel Chan, the lead singer of homegrown emo/punk band Xingfoo&Roy, released his solo debut album otw through his electronic and dance music project, your friend dan.

The new album comes as a seven-track record, which includes previously released tracks 'fear' and 'more t me'.

With influences from UK garage, house, and techno genres, the artist draws on inspirations from his personal emotions and puts his own spin on the electronic dance music genre for otw — a record that skews towards pensive and emotional expressions of melancholia.

On his new album, Daniel shared: "The album's basically a mixtape of songs that I've been working on since September 2022, I wanted to try to write an album entirely on my computer because all of my previous projects utilized analog or non-electronic instruments. I wanted to see if it was possible for me to make songs out of instruments that I've made on my computer or using field recordings."

"All of the songs were inspired by specific emotions I was feeling at that time like I think isolation, fear and disillusionment played a huge role in the tracks, but at the end of the day I feel that it's electronic music so it would be nice if people would relate to them in their own personal way!" he added.

Listen to your friend dan's otw album here: