Marcus Lee and Ruth Kueo join forces for love duet '不完美的我 (For Who I Am)' — listen

Marcus Lee and Ruth Kueo join forces for love duet '不完美的我 (For Who I Am)' — listen

Homegrown singer-songwriters Marcus Lee and Ruth Kueo have dropped a new duet. 

Released on 12 January, the Mandarin R&B track, titled '不完美的我 (For Who I Am)', is about love that remains resilient through both good and bad times.

The number is inspired by the "undying love" and "unwavering support" of Lee's and Kueo's respective partners.

Kueo, who tied the knot last year, explained the track's meaning: “This song acts as a reminder to myself to persevere in love. It is not always sunshine and rainbows all the time, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. I hope that we would all keep fighting to protect our love for the people we care most about."

“No matter how much chemistry you have with your partner, there's bound to be imperfections. And I think the beauty of love is for someone to know us and see us for all of these faults, yet still choose to love us for who we are," shared Lee, who has been married since last August.

He continued: "I hope this song helps to remind us that fights and disagreements are normal, and that we should embrace this as part of the whole experience of marriage. And the great thing is that the more we choose to practice love, the more we get better at it.”

'不完美的我 (For Who I Am)' is both Kueo and Lee's first release of 2024, coming five months after the launch of the former's album 同溫 (When Our Worlds Collide) and a month after the latter released his single 'like a bird'.

Stream '不完美的我 (For Who I Am)' here: