MJ Kuok makes an electronic 'Promise' via latest album

MJ Kuok makes an electronic 'Promise' via latest album

Singaporean DJ and Producer MJ Kuok has released his brand new album Promise via his co-founded homegrown music label GDVBS on the 21st of January.

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The eight track album is deeply rooted in ambient soundscapes, intertwined with house melodies that're layered over luscious production. It includes prior single releases in ‘Aurora’ and ‘Our Song’, while debuting new tracks ‘Moments’, ‘Purpose’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Siena’, ‘Promise’, and ‘Unity’. 

“Commitment, no matter how big or small is a lot for anyone to decide on taking upon. Working on this album came from a time that things were slowly falling into place while being a work in progress. That made me certain this was the path I wanted to work towards, both personally and to my loved ones,” declared Kuok in a press statement.

Speaking on what Promise embodies, he shared: “This album, ‘Promise’ serves as a reminder to anyone to be brave when it comes to commitment. In the long run, taking the first step towards your goal is always worth it because you’re not alone.

Promise follows his last album release in September 2021, Atlas, which includes tracks ‘Golden Hour’, ‘Odyssey’, ‘New Beginnings’, and ‘Daylight’.

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