Hossan Leong, Joshua Simon, Mina Kaye, and more to perform at SINGATHON to bring live music to hospital patients

Hossan Leong, Joshua Simon, Mina Kaye, and more to perform at SINGATHON to bring live music to hospital patients

Sing’theatre has announced a fund-raising campaign to provide live music entertainment to patients in public hospitals.

Titled ’SINGATHON’, the programme will take place on 20 December and patients can tune in to the show via Youtube or the Sing'theatre website.

An eclectic lineup of singers will perform to raise funds for 365 Days of Music@Singhealth, a programme that runs for 365 days a year, including Sundays and public holidays, to provide one hour of live music every day for the patients in SingHealth institutions.

From 10am to 10pm, SINGATHON will feature a total of 35 singers/group of singers, along with five hosts for the event. Both budding and established artists are scheduled to perform, such as Hossan Leong, Joshua Simon, TJ Taylor, Nathalie Ribette, Neo Swee Lin & Lim Kay Siu, Mina Kaye, Vanessa Kee, Froufrou, la Grisette (Operetta), International French School Girls (pop-rock), Jenilee Rawlins (Disney songs), The Cans (pop-rock in various languages), and more. 

Hossan Leong, Joshua Simon, and Mina Kaye 

The artistic team at Sing’theatre are still in the midst of planning the lineup, thus, any applications from aspiring singing talents that wish to contribute to the programme are welcomed.

As the one that came up with the initiative, Sing’theatre’s Associate Artistic Director, TJ Taylor, shared, “If people can run a marathon for a cause, why not sing for a cause, for a Singathon? Especially when the cause is to bring live music to the patients in the hospitals." 

Since the Circuit Breaker period in May, Sing'theatre has brought the element of live music online for patients in the Singapore General Hospital weekly, while in June, they delivered virtual music performances in Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil for the migrant workers that were quarantined in dormitories at CCF@Singapore Expo, and Bright Vision. 

To contribute as a singer, click here.

To make a donation, click here

For more information, visit the official website.

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