Brahmastra Multi-Ethnic Wing to embark on Southeast Asia tour this August

Brahmastra Multi-Ethnic Wing to embark on Southeast Asia tour this August

The Brahmastra Multi-Ethnic Wing will be hitting the road this month.

The ensemble, which is part of local production house Brahmastra, has announced that it will be visiting Thailand and Indonesia as part of its Sounds of Diversity concert tour.

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Set to feature Niranjan Pandian (creative producer, bansuri, and venu), Azrin Abdullah (oud), Tan Wen Bin (cello), Caleb Koa (electric keyboard), Govin Tan (percussion), Dinesh Kumar (mridangam), and Gildon Choo (pipa), Sounds of Diversity will encourage individuals of different cultures to celebrate their differences and join forces to build "sustainability and accessibility in cross-cultural music". It will also spotlight the diversity of Singapore's society.

Additionally, the ensemble will host panel discussions on topics such as fusing traditional styles with contemporary ones, making cross-cultural music, and improvisation.

The Indonesia leg of Brahmastra Multi-Ethnic Wing's tour will kick off on 15 August and see it perform at the BEM Universitas Lampung and IMASENIK.

Then on 21 August, the seven-piece outfit will stop over at Thailand's Chulalongkorn University before making its way to the Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University and Princess Galyani Vandhana Institute of Music International Symposium and ASEAN Youth Ensemble Workshop on 22 and 23 August respectively.

In an interview with Hear65 in 2022, Niranjan, Brahmastra's founder, spoke about the work that the production house has done since its inception: "Brahmastra has ventured into cross collaborations and its unique sound has been featured in numerous local festivals, concerts, and media productions. The sound of the ensemble developed over the years — from a full Indian traditional music setup to where it is today, a lot of experimentation and exploration has been done."