Disney+ collaborates with Singaporean music veteran Mavis Hee

Disney+ collaborates with Singaporean music veteran Mavis Hee

Disney+ has recently collaborated with local artist Mavis Hee on a special rendition of her Mandarin ballad ‘Moonlight in the City.’ 

Hee’s reinterpretation of her beloved classic will be featured in a short film that showcases Singaporeans from all ages and walks of life singing along to the track, amidst the familiar heartland landscape and illuminated skyline of the cosmopolitan city-state. 

Singer-songwriter Mavis Hee shared: “I’m honoured to be working on such an amazing campaign with Disney+ that celebrates the addition of more diverse Asian stories on the platform. Since I was a child, I’ve loved the shows and movies from Disney, and it is exciting to see fellow Asian creators reach a global audience. Being able to share a new version of ‘Moonlight in the City' at this point of my life means a lot to me, especially since the song debuted when I was younger.” 

This poetic and cinematic short film not only arrives just in time for the holidays but also amplifies, and sets the scene for the streaming platform’s expanded foray into Asian entertainment. These include shows from local creators across the region such as Number 1, Precious is the Night, Delicacies Destiny, OUTRUN by Running Man, BLACKPINK The Movie, Snowdrop and many more. 

From 12 December 2021, the Stories from the Heart of Asia campaign will premiere across various platforms including TVOOHdigital and all Disney+ social media platforms in Singapore.