Houg shares third single 'Jarr', leading up to debut album The Biting Tempo

Houg shares third single 'Jarr', leading up to debut album The Biting Tempo

Singaporean chillwave producer Houg has released his third single ‘Jarr’, leading up to his debut album The Biting Tempo.

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The time-wielding producer has been centering his work heavily on the concepts of the past and present, with the latest inclusion, ‘Jarr’ being no exception. Inspired by his experiences that came from his stint in Melbourne, Australia, he explains: “Let’s all agree that lasting friendships do not happen overnight. Such relationships need time to develop. My lack of time with that 1-year visa pressured me into doing things without sincerity when I met new people, and that made me feel very conflicted on most days.”

“It felt like a big compromise on my personal character, and while it would have been great if time was not a limiting factor in this instance, the reality is that real favours come from friends, not tactical relationships. And that’s when I realized I was set up to lose.”

Timed in at three minutes, the synth-heavy track features yet another cross-country collaboration with Thai native Soul Funk outfit Supergoods. Houg discovered them via a friend and was immediately drawn to their music. “They had this pace about them. The music gave them so much colour and grit amongst all that groove. When I was working on the album, Supergoods came to mind as I felt that the band had the tonal sensibilities I was hoping to explore for this body of work, and I was so glad they agreed to do this with me.”

Houg’s prior releases in ‘Metro (4:35)’ and ‘Excuse Me, (What’s The Time?)’ make up the two other singles building up to his debut album, which is slated for release in the first quarter of 2022.

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