Jean Tan explores love metaphors in whimsical new single 'dance' — listen

Jean Tan explores love metaphors in whimsical new single 'dance' — listen

Jean Tan has returned with a new single.

On 10 March, the homegrown singer-songwriter released 'dance' through global digital music company Believe Music and record company LEEWAY.

The calming, dreamlike song, a collaboration with Singaporean music producer Evanturetime and fellow artist Joanna Dong, sees the artist returning to her jazz roots with signature scat singing accompanied by a saxophone solo during a memorable instrumental section.

Described as an "exploration of blossoming happiness", Jean uses the idea of a dance between lovers — a metaphor for a relationship that has evolved from the initial phase of simply being swept off their feet to one that is stable, secure, and sees both partners creating a safe space with each other.

The sweet, moving lyrics together with Jean Tan's jazzy vocals and a whimsical-sounding melody evoke an unmistakable sense of sentimentalism. 

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On her new single, Jean shared: "Tis a special one. for those of you familiar with my music from yonks ago, ‘dance’ was originally written in a different context, but is now rewritten as an ode to the next season of family."

She added: "Exciting times ahead - but for now, a k-poppish vibe to share with y’all."

'dance' is Jean's second single of 2023 which will be included in her forthcoming EP slated to be released by May this year.

Listen to Jean Tan's 'dance' here: