Mediacorp’s Malay singing competition ‘Berani Nyanyi?’ to return this October

Mediacorp’s Malay singing competition ‘Berani Nyanyi?’ to return this October

Mediacorp’s Berani Nyanyi? is coming back with a new season.

The inaugural Malay singing competition will stream from 31 October, and will star local hosts Era Farida, Hafidz Rahman, Najib Ali, and Yuslina Yussof. Across 10 weeks, 30 homegrown personalities will be pit against one another in a series of battles to showcase their vocal talent and showmanship.

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After the stunning success of the show’s previous edition, Berani Nyanyi? S2 is set to include more weekly challenges, such as the two new digital specials – Tak Nak Kalah and Semangat Nak Menang

In this season, the participants are to impress a slew of judges and veteran musicians including Hyrul Anuar, Rosalina Musa, Aisyah Aziz, and Taufik Batisah.

Kickstarting with five preliminary rounds of six contestants each, four individuals will be eliminated in every episode, which will leave 10 victors to qualify for the Semi-Final Round. 

To thicken the plot, the eliminated participants will get a chance to get back in the game through Tak Nak Kalah, allowing them to exhibit their vocal flair once again. After five winners are shortlisted from this segment, a Wildcard round will narrow down to the final two vocalists to take their place in the Semi-Final spots. The 12 Semi Finalists will showcase their solo performances for a shot at being crowned under the Top 6. 

Viewers can expect the final episode to be lined up with a showcase of musical gallantries as the contestants compete to emerge champion, including collaboration stages with guest singers Farhan Shah and Syarif from SleeQ. They can also expect to catch behind-the-scenes moments and interviews with contestants in the show’s Semangat Nak Menang segment.

Berani Nyanyi? S2 will be screening on mewatch, Suria, and Mediacorp Entertainment on YouTube every Tuesday, from 8:30 PM to 9:30PM. The Finals will broadcast in an extended two-hour episode on 2 January 2024.

Additionally, Tak Nak Kalah, Semangat Nak Menang and the show performances will be available for free on mewatch and Mediacorp Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Viewers can catch exclusive content on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Watch the first episode of Berani Nyanyi? S1 here.