New Music This Week: Tanya Chua, Jasmine Sokko, inch, lullaboy, and more

New Music This Week: Tanya Chua, Jasmine Sokko, inch, lullaboy, and more

Every week, many local musicians release new music that flies under the radar. This week, we have a bumper crop and to bring you the best new music releases from home, we’ve compiled a playlist featuring some of the newest songs out from artists such as Tanya Chua, Jasmine Sokko, inch, lullaboy, lewloh, pretty havoc., Reinaeiry, By2, Dominic Chin, Shea Ng, NyaLi, Kevin B, Foxela, Amalyn Leong, HYBRD, Thaddeus Lin, Amelia Rae, Joel Quintis, IN THE NOW, Rachel Min, Daryl Lee, Sambal Snake, Solvant, and Darren Lim.

Check out the playlist here:

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