Sezairi dissects love in new album, ‘Violets Aren’t Blue’

Sezairi dissects love in new album, ‘Violets Aren’t Blue’

Sezairi’s back with ‘Violets Aren’t Blue’, an album full of serenading tunes and head-popping grooves.

In ‘Violets Aren’t Blue’, the star reflects on infatuation and the struggles of love.  The lead track of the album, ‘Deadis a smooth 90s R&B-inspired song, with a swung drum groove and electric guitars supporting Sezairi and rising Filipino rapper Young Cocoa from the label OFFMUTE. The track is all about that initial 'falling head over heels' moment, and the idealised future that comes with infatuation. 

The album features new songs ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Violets (Interlude)’, as well as previously released singles like ‘Fool’ and ‘Restless Love’. As Sezairi takes us on a journey thinking through the bittersweet realities of temporary love, he delivers pop perfection continuously. The singer shares "The true strength of love lies in the adversity, the physical labour in the gardening of two people to make each other truly blossom." 

Listen to 'Violets Aren't Blue' now.