SMRT announces extended playlist timings for Hear65’s I Play SG Music campaign

SMRT announces extended playlist timings for Hear65’s I Play SG Music campaign

If you regularly commute via the bus or MRT, you’ve likely enjoyed catchy tunes from our homegrown artists. 

Last August, the National Arts Council (NAC) and SMRT Trains Ltd. announced a partnership to enhance public spaces with local music, art and poetry. The collaboration is driven by a year-long I Play SG Music campaign led by Hear65, a music initiative helmed by NAC and music media company Bandwagon

I Play SG Music has been bringing local music into the spotlight at 125 MRT and LRT stations and bus interchanges across the island, showcasing homegrown artists to a wider audience with playlists curated by Hear65, designed to suit different times of the day. 

Starting in June 2024, commuters can look forward to hearing even more local music as they travel around Singapore. I Play SG Music playlists, recently refreshed in late April, will now have a longer playing duration starting from 7 AM to 8:30 PM daily. 

The morning playlist which was initially at two and a half hours, will now be extended to five hours. Similarly, the afternoon playlist, previously running for two to three hours, will be extended to four and a half hours.

With the extended hours, monthly streams for local music across Singapore’s transport network is expected to increase to 1,000,000 per month. The best part? Commuters can experience music throughout the day.

For more information, check out the official I Play SG Music website here. Do leave us some feedback on your I Play SG Music experience! 

Stream the current I Play SG Music playlists here: