Take a trip to 'Lucy's Space Garden' with Spacedays' superb psych rock music video

Take a trip to 'Lucy's Space Garden' with Spacedays' superb psych rock music video

Spacedays bring us on an effervescent trip to 'Lucy’s Space Garden' on their new music video leading up to their forthcoming 4-track EP, ‘Lucy’. 

A small peek into their space garden instantly demands all of the watcher's attention, drawing them in as they 'walk through the clouds that feel like snow', marvelling at 'the colours you’ve never seen' and feeling 'the peace of night and day' of the garden. The gorgeous video is animated by Redzuan Salleh, and firmly etches the band's foray into psych-rock ingenuity ahead of their EP.

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The music video opens up with the uncovering of foliage and flowers, as the camera slowly pans into a door. We’re then greeted by the 5-piece psychedelic outfit, all dressed in white windbreakers (mimicking the all-white astronaut suits) wandering through a starry night as they chance upon a UFO.

The quintet then loads up the UFO and take us through the uncovering of the vast areas in the space gardens where fruits, ants, bees, along with ethereal monuments are littered and come to life.

In a time where travel is still restricted and normality seemingly further than ever before - Spacedays fills that void with this music video, bringing us on an adventure through an aural and visual experience (I spent all 5 minutes of this watch smiling ear to ear, reminiscing of travel, discovery, and larger than life themes).

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