The TENG Company promotes wellness in new album 'Music for Mindfulness' — listen

The TENG Company promotes wellness in new album 'Music for Mindfulness' — listen

The TENG Company is back with new music. 

On 1 February, Singapore-based leading arts company TENG dropped Music for Mindfulness — an album aptly named to promote wellness and alleviate stress and anxiety.

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TENG's first album of 2023 marks an exciting new milestone for the company. Created in collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Technology’s Health and Social Sciences Department, the company's foray into music for wellness sees the incorporation of Binaural Beats technology along with TENG's signature East-West sound to create an accessible form of music therapy that all audiences can enjoy.

TENG's evidence-based venture into music for wellness arose during COVID-19, seeking to comfort their audiences during a difficult period by creating anxiety-reducing musical experiences to help them unwind and find rest. 

Backed by over two years of research, TENG worked with registered music therapists who understood Asian music to create ten instrumental tracks that help with anxiety and stress using auditory illusions, which can only be heard using headphones.

Notably, the company worked primarily with theta and delta waves, which have been proven to help with relaxation, head relief, and deep sleep. 

At a media preview event for the new album, Dr Samuel Wong, Co-Founder and Creative Director of The TENG Company shared: "Traditional Chinese music has always been about the idea that we try to equalise anything that goes up to one extreme. It is also said that various notes correspond to various parts of the body. They need to be all working together simultaneously. That's why Chinese music has always been disposed to be able to work in harmony. The way we compose and work traditionally has always been about the idea of balancing and also of a harmonious nature." 

TENG's latest musical venture follows its ongoing social and outreach programme TENG Gives Backwhich brings music to hospitals, hospices, and dialysis centers. The company continues to innovate with music by harnessing technology and fusing elements from eastern and western music, making groundbreaking achievements that impact, inspire, and empower the community. 

"For future directions, we might be working on populations including seniors and individuals who have attention or anxiety. Our previous research was conducted on a general population, not specifically on people facing anxiety. We will consider creating Binaural Beats with alpha frequencies to focus on concentration and not just to make them less anxious. We are also considering longitudinal studies where we listen to Binaural Beats every day for a week to see if it makes a huge difference," Dr Samuel Wong said.

Music for Mindfulness is now available exclusively on iTunes for $14.80, single tracks are priced at $1.48 each. More information on the album can be found here.

Listen to the TENG Ensemble's Music for Mindfulness album here: