Linying drops new single 'Faith' ahead of debut album 'There Could Be Wreckage Here'

Linying drops new single 'Faith' ahead of debut album 'There Could Be Wreckage Here'

Linying has released her brand new evocative single titled ‘Faith’ on the 15th of October, marking the third single release in 2021 leading up to her forthcoming debut album 'There Could Be Wreckage Here'.

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‘Faith’ vocalises Linying’s sought-after belief in herself, as she sings “so I don’t look too hard, I just play my part and see”, “if it comes it comes, whatever they want, I want, I want a little faith in me.”

In a press statement, she shared: "I’ve always had trouble with predestination. I think we have so small a degree of agency and control over our circumstances, our lives, and ourselves, and so the notions of penance and salvation and consequence are really frustrating to me,"

"I wrote ‘Faith’ in a moment of discouragement, wishing I could have that kind of goodness and belief in me.” The three minute track also features backing vocals by Lisa Haryono, Ding Tzung Ern and Jamie Wong.

London-based producer duo Myriot continues to leave their production imprints, previously working with the singer for previously released singles ‘Springtime’ and ‘Daylight Blows Into One Door’, with the latter also employing Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla.

Alongside the release, the songstress also announced that her debut album ‘There Could Be Wreckage Here’  will be released on the 14th of January in 2022, and will feature 8 tracks - including her previously released singles. 

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