Singer-songwriter Marcus Lee releases debut album 'For You, I Can (为了你,我可以)' - listen

Singer-songwriter Marcus Lee releases debut album 'For You, I Can (为了你,我可以)' - listen
Marcus Lee released his highly anticipated debut full-length album titled 'For You, I Can (为了你,我可以)' on the 6th of August.
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This comes after the prior release of singles like ‘Between The Lines (话中有话 ft. 沈书帆)' featuring Taiwanese Indie singer ShuShu, 'Without Reason (没道理我可以)’ , which was mastered by Grammy Award-winning music engineer Richard Furch, and ‘Blue Sky (蔚蓝天空)'. The 14-track album was produced and written by Lee himself, as he taps into his innermost feelings.

Lee shares: “Every song in the album is inspired by my own personal experiences. For the longest time, I’ve always avoided love because I felt I didn’t deserve it. The album highlights the different stages in a journey of love and captures the most genuine emotions felt in specific moments. I hope that these songs would speak to you no matter what stage of love you may be at.”

Lee, the “Non-English Artist of The Year” award recipient from *SCAPE Youth Awards 2021 also hosted an Instagram live session on his account where he shared insights into the album concept as well as the story behind every track; production and writing wise. 

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On lead single 'One More Chance (请给我多一次的机会)', which presents the aftermath of a break-up, Lee says: “One More Chance portrays the helplessness of looking back at better times and wondering how things may have played out differently if certain things were not said and done.”

The single is arranged by Singaporean veteran musician Derek Chua who's worked with the likes of Raine Yang, Stefanie Sun, Tiger Huang, and Ricky Hsiao. It is also mixed by another local music maestro in Darren Sim who has worked on Sun’s hits such as 'Cloudy Day (天黑黑)', 'Encounter (遇见)', 'Against The Light (逆光)' and 'What I Miss (我怀念的)'.

Listen to 'For You, I Can (为了你,我可以)' here, and leave your review on Hear65.

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