Tabitha Nauser returns to our radio waves with new show "Power Cruising" on Power 98

Tabitha Nauser returns to our radio waves with new show "Power Cruising" on Power 98

On the 12th of August, local singer and ex-radio presenter Tabitha Nauser publicly announced that she will be making her second debut on radio starting on the 16th of August, the ex-Singapore Idol contestant switching 987FM for Power 98 this time round.

"The big announcement is: I am starting a new job as a radio host! So, I'm going to be on radio everyday Monday to Friday, from 5 to 8pm on a station called Power 98 here in Singapore," Nauser excitedly declared, as part of her ongoing vlog series, where Nauser takes viewers through her day 

"For those of you that don't know, and I think a lot of you don't know - I used to do radio before I committed to doing music full-time. It was just one of the most fun jobs, I enjoyed it so much and so the fact that I get to go back into radio now at this point in my life - it's exciting! I'm still going to do music, don't worry about that. This is just I guess another outlet and another avenue for me to express myself creatively just like YouTube is," recounting on her previous tenure and assuring fans that she will not sideline her musical career.

"Turn Up with Tabitha" was a radio show hosted by Tabitha Nauser on 987fm. It was the first-ever radio show that was hip-hop-centered in Singapore - in 2017, she left the radio station to fully focus on her music. Fast forward to 2021, Tabitha has released 3 singles in this year alone with 'Wont Stop' being the most recent, 6 singles released between 2017 to 2020 with 'Vices' amassing over 900 thousand streams on Spotify and an EP titled 'things i should have said' to her name.

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Nauser will be co-hosting the new show "Power Through" with Kim Anne Tan and it will run through every weekday from 5PM to 8PM where they will go through music recommendations – keeping you entertained towards the latter moments of the day.

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Tune in to Power 98 and catch them live here.

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