AE$OP CA$H, Feez., and Perk Pietrek drop feel-good nostalgia in 'Don't Wanna Go' for Majulah Weekender

AE$OP CA$H, Feez., and Perk Pietrek drop feel-good nostalgia in 'Don't Wanna Go' for Majulah Weekender

Homegrown trio Perk Pietrek, alongside HVT Entertainment's rapper AE$OP CA$H and R&B singer-songwriter Feez. have released a brand new single ‘Don’t Wanna Go’ on the 4th of March, as part of the ongoing Majulah Weekender series.

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The two-minute track opens up with AE$OP CA$H rapping over a minimalistic backbeat, passing the baton on to Feez. who delivers on the track’s hook. It's a feel-good number, with its track's production alluding to the popularised sound of hip-hop of the 2010s.

Speaking on the track's ethos, the HVT Entertainment rapper shared in a press release statement:
“The song is basically about bringing things back to basics as the pandemic has made it rough to be creative."

“The whole process was really fun and easy. Working with Perk and AE$OP was just an amazing session overall. We all vibed naturally and the whole process was smooth," shared Feez, recounting the three-way collaboration.

As with the two other tracks released for Majulah Weekender in ‘One Mississippi’, and ‘On My Mind’, ‘Don’t Wanna Go’ was birthed within a weekend takeover of Zendyll Studios. The producer of the track, Perk shared: “Majulah Weekender was a really interesting experience, having to write a song within the weekend while shooting content. One thing that was clear was that we were all in it to create art.”

The Majulah Weekender is a series that sees Singaporean artists paired with seasoned homegrown producers to create a single through an episodic format that documents the processes of them creating the tracks during their studio take over at Zendyll Studios. 'Don't Wanna Go' will be made available for streaming on the 11th of March, but you can listen to the track in the video above.

In the meantime, listen to Majulah Weekender's latest single, 'One Mississippi' here.