Coming Up Roses comes through with new alt-rock EP, “Everything Is”

Coming Up Roses comes through with new alt-rock EP, “Everything Is”

The Singaporean shoe-gaze, rock-influenced trio Coming Up Roses have released their sophomore EP Everything Is. Featuring recent singles Slingshots, All Our Time, Glass Stained Eyes and the new anthem Would You Ever, the EP reflects on the band's sense of self and identity, as well as their place in the world.

In their EP, Coming Up Roses evokes both idealism and existentialism, through vocals that tug at heartstrings and sounds that paint wondrous worlds. The band comprises vocalist/bassist Emily Sara, and guitarists Darius Oon and Lorenzo Romero.

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Fans of the trio can look forward to witnessing the band's catchy hooks and captivating energy on the live stage at the Esplanade on 15 July. Tickets are available now at $28 on the Esplanade site.

International fans will also be able to see the rising stars live, as the band will also be embarking on a Canada tour, and performing at this year’s Canadian Music Week festival as a showcasing artist.

Listen to Everything Is now.