MYRNE unveils 'MYRNEscapes', an experiential VR game for his new EP 'Circles'

MYRNE unveils 'MYRNEscapes', an experiential VR game for his new EP 'Circles'

Welcome to MYRNEscapes.

In celebration of his new EP Circles, Singaporean DJ MYRNE will launch an experiential VR game titled MYRNEscapes. The single-player exploration game will feature four unique worlds for players to discover, each inspired by a track on the DJ's latest EP Circles

In a walkthrough commentary of the game, MYRNE hopes that the game serves as an audio visualiser and gives additional context and insight into his creative mind when writing music. From the sprawling, forested universe 'Faithless' to the mystical world set to the title track 'Circles', MYRNEscapes promises a unique simulation experience for fans of MYRNE. “It's going to be a very interesting audiovisual experience, and I wanted to give people a sense of the place and worlds I imagined when I'm listening to these songs. It's a great overlap between my love for music and my love for big, open-world games, and I think the team at Metamo really knocked it out of the park,” shares MYRNE. 

Play MYRNEscapes on Steam here

Listen to Circles here, and leave your review on Hear65.