MYRNE and Joy Alexis collaborate on soon-to-be-released track 'Desire'

MYRNE and Joy Alexis collaborate on soon-to-be-released track 'Desire'

In the final Majulah Weekender: Schools episode, electronic producer MYRNE and rising genre-bending artist Joy Alexis unite to create the single Desire, a garage house bop that sees the two prodigies explore uncharted territory genre-wise and blending their very different ideologies. The song will also see a release on streaming platforms in mid-June.

MYRNE shares, “It was really nice looking at music with a fresh set of ears and [Joy Alexis'] expertise in theory - I learned a lot and we managed to make something super unique!”, and Joy Alexis concurs that they learnt a lot when collaborating to create this track. 

Joy Alexis elaborates that the creation of the song was “challenging” as they are used to “working independently”, but that the impressive speed at which MYRNE works made the track come together. “Instead of writing from a singular experience, ‘Desire’ was a collection of experiences weaved together from a more detached perspective,” Joy Alexis adds.

The producer-artist duo united on the eighth and final episode in the second season of the Majulah Weekender web series, which featured artists and producers like Foxela, Viticz, Rangga Jones, and Shaykhandbake collaborating at Zendyll Studios

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The entire web series will be having a special premiere on the big screens, at The Cathay Cineplexes on June 17. Tickets are free and available here.