Gentle Bones & lullaboy release collaborative EP, 'Bones & The Boy'

Gentle Bones & lullaboy release collaborative EP, 'Bones & The Boy'

Gentle Bones and lullaboy have come together as Bones & The Boy, and released their debut self-titled EP.

'Bones & The Boy' sees the two stars exhibit their musical chemistry, with their strengths playing off of each other. In 'If You Leave Me Alone,' the lead single of the new EP, the duo experiment with sounds unheard in their solo projects, and evoke our nostalgia for the golden era of pop rock that they love. Guitars accompany serene vocal melodies, and the drums keep us locked in, soundtracking the perfect car ride. The song is supported by the audio production of Homeground Studios and is accompanied by a music video produced by Bless7Up.

The EP also features the new track 'Pretty Boy' and previously released single 'Good In Me'. Throughout the EP, the pair tugs at our heartstrings with sentimental lyrics and heartwarming vocals. Gentle Bones shares about the collaborative process, "Everything came together so effortlessly and I learn so much from him. I am excited for the audiences to hear the music that I am so proud of, it definitely helped that we were both fans of each other." lullaboy similarly says, "We had this moment in time to share our hearts and I’m thankful he felt we could create something really special together."

Listen to 'Bones & The Boy' now.