MYRNE drops new EP, 'Circles'

MYRNE drops new EP, 'Circles'

MYRNE has finally dropped his long-awaited EP, Circles.

This new project is his first release since signing to Astralwerks. Circles showcases MYRNE’s redesigned sonic identity, as he takes control of the vocals and songwriting throughout the EP. MYRNE is the sole producer, writer and vocalist credited on the project.

From the reflective introduction track 'Emotion' to the infectious yet serene closer 'Faithless', the incredible passion MYRNE has put into the project shines through. MYRNE shares that as he created these four tracks, he aimed to more spontaneously create music, than have it be a process that was mediated through planning. 

The EP showcases MYRNE learning to find stability amongst the volatile dangers of today’s world, and gathering joy and hope through meaningful connections. His layered and textured productions invite deep listening, and his infectious hooks grab you instantaneously.

MYRNE hopes that through this project fans are reminded “that there is strength in reaching out and connecting with others”, while they enjoy dancing to his tunes.

Listen to Circles here, and leave your review on Hear65.