DEON muses on grief, death, and regrets on sophomore EP 'Melancholic Pop'

DEON muses on grief, death, and regrets on sophomore EP 'Melancholic Pop'

Singaporean singer-songwriter DEON has released his sophomore EP Melancholic Pop on the 18th of March via independent music label Where Are the Fruits

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The 5-track EP includes previously released singles in ‘Breathe In’, ‘Don’t Bother’ which features homegrown vaporwave artist Don Aaron, and ‘Melancholic Weekends’ with songstress NyaLi. It also debuts two new tracks - ‘Chalice’, and ‘Why Do I Fool Myself’; the latter being the EP’s focus track.

“Grief, death, and regrets” make up the motifs of Melancholic Pop, and it showcases the singer-songwriter’s journey thus far, dealing with those agonising themes. In a press release statement, DEON shared the inspiration behind the focus track, “In mid-2020, I missed a phone call from my nanny of 19 years (she was in Manila then). I took for granted that I had the time to call her back (as usual) and it slipped my mind later.”

“A week later, I received a call from her husband that she had passed from COVID-19. I’m a fool for missing her call and will forever regret this. It’s a scar that I have been carrying around ever since. I initially wanted to wrap up the EP with four songs, but this tune came to me right aftr the incident, and was hard to leave out.”

Prior to this EP release, DEON released 2 albums in Eulogia; Eulogy in 2019 and Oceans in 2015.

Listen to Melancholic Pop here, and leave your review on Hear65.