Amanda Ong sings her wedding vows in new EP ‘I Remember’

Amanda Ong sings her wedding vows in new EP ‘I Remember’

Amanda Ong, the local singer-songwriter and member of a capella band New Recording 47, has recently released a new EP titled ‘I Remember’. In the title track, the artist recalls the memories she has formed with the love of her life, leading up to their wedding. Accompanying the track is a music video showcasing adorable moments of the couple over the years together.

The track also features Amanda Ong’s partner The Fool beatboxing. “Since my partner is a beatboxer, I wanted him to be the vocal percussionist on this track, but I couldn’t let him know what [the song] was about since it was meant to be a surprise. So I wrote a completely different set of lyrics and told him that this was a Fiverr client’s order, and he’s a paid sessionist on the song,” she remarks.

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Amanda Ong is an indie-folk singer-songwriter who aims to accompany listeners in their struggles and soothe them with her music. As a champion of the local artistic community, Amanda strives to produce work that keeps her connected with her Singaporean roots.

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